Okanagan man fined $600 for twenty-third illegal driving conviction

Okanagan man fined $600 for twenty-third illegal driving conviction

Judge says another offense could result in jail time

A man with 22 convictions for suspended and prohibited driving pleaded guilty to yet another offense in Princeton circuit court February 14.

Jason Willis, 46, also has four criminal code driving convictions as part of a history that Judge Michelle Daneliuk described as “dismaying, to say the least.”

Based on a joint submission from crown and duty counsel, Willis was fined $600 and prohibited from driving for another year.

Daneliuk said had it not been for the recommendation from crown “I would be inclined to go much higher.”

She noted that while many of the charges were dated, Willis has not been legally allowed on the road since 2011.

And she stated that further offenses would likely result in jail time.

“The next time you are stopped behind the wheel of a motor vehicle I warn you today you are at a very serious risk of incarceration.”

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