Okanagan Regional Library services face assessment

There could be some changes underway at Okanagan Regional Library.

There could be some changes underway at Okanagan Regional Library.

Stephanie Hall began her duties as executive director Feb. 1 and she attended her first board meeting Wednesday.

“I definitely see some strengths in this organization, with a smart and dedicated staff and management team,  a committed board, good collections, and a solid program of facility improvements,” said Hall.

“However, any new executive director is going to want to do some assessment right away, so I’ll be doing some staff consultations and talking to local government officials around the region about what kind of service review would be of interest to them and have credibility with their councils.”

Hall says there is a possibility of an independent, external review and public consultation.

“Coming in as a new person, I have a chance to be pretty objective in this early period, and really hear people, so I want to make the most of that,” she said.

Prior to coming to the Okanagan,  Hall was director of public library planning with the Province of Saskatchewan.

Hall replaces Lesley Dieno, who retired after being ORL’s executive director for 25 years.

Locals fill ORL positions

There is a significant North Okanagan presence  on the Okanagan Regional Library board.

Local politicians were elected to three of the five executive positions Wednesday.

Jim Edgson, North Westside Road director, is vice-chairperson while Catherine Lord, Vernon director, is finance committee chairperson. Maria Besso, Coldstream director, is the policy and planning committee chairperson.

“There will be new challenges in the year ahead as the library continues to evolve and adapt to meet the changing needs of our society,” said Carol Zanon, of West Kelowna, who is chairperson.