One dead and one missing at creek

Tragedy has struck again along a Cherryville area creek.

Tragedy has struck again along a Cherryville area creek.

On Saturday afternoon, a 22-year-old Peachland man died and a 20-year-old Kelowna man went missing after they fell down an embankment and into Monashee Creek, one kilometre northwest of the Gold Panner Campground.

“We used to go for several years between incidents and in the last few years, they have come one after the other,” said Leigh Pearson, with Vernon Search and Rescue.

In May, a 31-year-old Vernon man went missing in Monashee Creek after he apparently went into the creek to retrieve his dog.

“Saturday’s  incident is almost within 50 feet of the same place as the May incident,” said Pearson.

The Central Okanagan residents were staying at the  Gold Panner Campground and they were walking along the creek when one of them lost their footing.

The other man went to grab for him but they both went about 200 feet down the steep, slippery bank.

“Once they started sliding, there was no stopping until they hit the water’s edge,” said Gord Molendyk, RCMP spokesperson.

A third person who was out walking with them but did not fall, was able to locate the Peachland man.

“Initially he was still conscious and CPR was performed but he succumbed to his injuries,” said Molendyk.

On the weekend, Search and Rescue volunteers scoured 90 per cent of the area for the Kelowna man.

“For the areas we haven’t searched, the only way down is rappelling down the cliff to the creek level,” said Pearson.

An RCMP helicopter was also used during the search.

Crews were back on scene Tuesday.

“They rappelled into the canyon to check a couple of deep pools,” said Pearson.

As of press time, the Kelowna man had not been located.