Pallet fire sparks further suspicions

Blazing pile of pallets added to list of those under investigation

A blazing pile of pallets is the latest in a string of suspicious fires around town.

Vernon Fire Rescue Services was called to the blaze in the 4600 block of 34th Street (near Vernon Towing) shortly after 10 p.m. Thursday evening.

“It was in an open area so there were no other exposures or concern at the time,” said Jack Blair, VFRS’ deputy chief of operations.

But he adds: “Again, RCMP attended the scene.”

The police are investigating the suspicious fire, which is the latest in a rash around town.

A boat was set ablaze Tuesday evening, a fire was sparked at a vacant home Monday evening, a portable outhouse was torched Monday morning, a pile of railway ties was burned Friday night and a vacant commercial building was ruined by fire Sunday evening.

RCMP are doing everything they can, including checking surveillance tapes of nearby businesses, as the fires remain under investigation.

In the meantime, Blair asks: “If people see anything suspicious to please notify RCMP right away and hopefully we can put an end to this.”