(SilverStar Mountain Resort/Facebook)

(SilverStar Mountain Resort/Facebook)

Pandemic parking plan at SilverStar irks season pass holders

Unlimited season pass holders limited to days they can reserve parking; resort defends COVID-19 plan

Opinions vary on SilverStar Mountain Resort’s parking reservations since they opened Nov. 18, but the resort is committed to the plan for the winter season.

SilverStar’s new reservation system, a protective measure to prevent the spread of COVID-19, allows users to reserve a total of 12 days at any given time and those spots are held until 11 a.m. After which, that space will become available on a first-come-first-serve basis.

This plan, however, isn’t exactly a fan favourite — especially for those holding an unlimited seasons pass.

Many have turned to social media to air their grievances while others congratulated the resort on a painless system and rollout ahead of the Dec. 4 opening day.

“I am doubting my purchase of a season pass,” one Facebook user wrote in a comment to the resort. “The season pass holders are gaming the system and I am out of luck. I do not have a smartphone, so this may mean I will always be slow on my bookings and get beaten out of a parking spot and not get to ski this year.”

Another commented: “So glad I bought a family unlimited pass to be limited by parking.”

“The parking reservation system means guests can know that when they plan a trip to SilverStar, they are going to have a great experience — they know they will have a spot to park before they arrive and plenty of room to spread out on the mountain,” SilverStar general manager Ken Derpak said last month.

Despite some negative feedback, the resort will implement its reservation system throughout the 2020-21 season.

“This year is unlike any year in the past,” said communications manager Chantelle Deacon. “I cannot emphasize enough the importance we have put on the health and safety of our guests, staff and community, as well as the longevity of our season.”

Deacon underscored the purpose of this system is to ensure guests feel comfortable and safe when visiting the mountain.

“If we find that everything is going exceptional, everyone is safe and healthy and well spread out on the mountain, our hope is to open up more parking availability,” she said.

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