Paper group adds election site

Black Press partners with organizations to promote civic elections

  • Oct. 21, 2011 4:00 p.m.

Black Press Group is gearing up for municipal elections around the province.

The group, which includes The Morning Star, has joined with Civic Vote 2011, a joint initiative of Civic Owl Marketing and Backbone Technology.

Black Press is delighted to be part of this exciting initiative to increase awareness on the importance of voting in local elections this year,” said Elizabeth Dutton, vice-president at Black Press. “Civic Vote is a bold move that presents a new approach to how candidates can more effectively communicate with their constituents by incorporating easy-to-use online technology.

“Black Press fully supports getting our citizens more engaged in community affairs and the best place to start is at the polls.”

Civic Vote 2011 ( connects candidates and constituents leading up to the Nov. 19 local elections by utilizing traditional media and new media methods such as Twitter and Facebook.

Seen as a one-stop resource site for those wanting to run for office and for those wanting to learn about the people who want to be in office, Civic Vote 2011 has received positive reviews. Candidates can order all of their campaign materials from this site, including posters, lawn signs and even video production.

“Politicians and others concerned about voter apathy have long called for new ways to increase interest and better connect candidates and constituents,” said Hugh Jacobs, one of the co-creators of Civic Vote 2011. “By integrating various methods of communication that allows civic leaders to tell their story in real time, Civic Vote is the best tool available to make this happen.”

To assist the public in knowing who is seeking office in their communities, Civic Vote 2011 intends on having all declared candidate names on its site indicating the community they are seeking office and the position that they want to occupy.

The public is encouraged to visit the site to learn more about candidates and their platforms.


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