Park upgrades possible

Two parks in Enderby are being reviewed for improvements by officials

Two parks in Enderby are being reviewed for potential upgrades.

Barnes Park, home of the outdoor pool and skate park, could have a new look.

“We’ve met with a landscape architect to better see how we can utilize the park,” said Coun. Tundra Baird, who also serves on the Enderby and Area F Services Commission.

One thing on the radar is improving the usability of the spray park, currently located inside the fenced pool for things such as birthday parties.

Other things discussed with the architect included what’s working at the park, what’s not working, and improving handicap accessibility.

“We want to get a better idea on how to develop the park,” said Mayor Howie Cyr.

“Instead of just plunking things down, we want to have an idea where things should go.”

It’s believed the architect will have  a conceptual design drawn up before the end of October.

The Enderby Lions Club will be involved in another park project.

“We’re looking at cleaning up and beautifying the entrance to Riverside Park,” said Enderby Coun. Brad Case.

“We hope to start that project by the end of the year.”



More improvements to help drainage on Cliff Avenue West are being completed.

Asphalt paving of the gravel strip between the multi-use path and roadway edge have been finished with a swale added to improve the flow of storm water into the drains.

The city will also add concrete curbing on the north edge of the road. It will be rollover curbing to allow for parking except near the top of the road where a high-back curb will be installed to redirect the highest velocity stormwater running off the hill.

The remaining boulevard area will remain gravel.

When that’s finished, individual property owners will be contacted in regard to the possible placement of trees in the boulevard area.

“The above works will improve drainage but will not require any change to the existing infrastructure,” said Enderby chief administrative officer Tate Bengston.