Parking meters nab support

One elected official is defending the possibility of parking meters at a busy boat launch.

One elected official is defending the possibility of parking meters at a busy boat launch.

Director Gyula Kiss believes the Greater Vernon  Advisory Committee should look at parking meters at the Kalavista Drive boat launch in Coldstream.

“When I go downtown to the bank, I have to pay for parking,” he said.

“We’ve spent a lot of money to provide parking (at the launch) so why should taxpayers be responsible for all of the cost and not the boat owners?”

Kiss’ comments were in response to a letter received from Coldstream resident Lorne Pearson.

“It is punitive towards other users who do not have the pleasure or resources to live this close to the lake,” said Pearson of meters.

“Parking meters will only add to the current launch times and cause even more congestion in the area.”

Pearson added that the Kalavista lot is only busy in the summer and does not warrant the cost of installing and maintaining parking meters.

Drought Plan Proceeds

There could soon be new guidelines on how to handle drought conditions.

The Greater Vernon Advisory Committee has received the 24 proposed drought response recommendations established by a task force of stakeholders.

“Staff will look at the recommendations and prioritize them,” said Arnold Badke, general manager of engineering.

Among the recommendations are reviewing landscape standard bylaws, revising new lawn irrigation permits and investigating changes to pool and car wash bylaws in an attempt to conserve water.

Director Gyula Kiss was involved in developing the recommendations and he believes there could be a significant impact for residents.

“There will be more dead trees and desert-like landscapes,” he said.

GVAC initiated a drought response process after a lack of water triggered tight restrictions in the spring of 2010.