Scott Cozens (left) and Sheldon Smithers are bringing their Canadian Pickers television show to Armstrong Saturday for filming.

Scott Cozens (left) and Sheldon Smithers are bringing their Canadian Pickers television show to Armstrong Saturday for filming.

Pickers looking for treasure in Armstrong

Canadian Pickers television show visits Armstrong Saturday

Allen Bensmiller will have a few items for the Canadian Pickers to pick from.

Bensmiller, proprietor of Allen’s Antiques in Armstrong, will be getting a visit at his home from Scott Cozens and Sheldon Smithens, better known as the hosts of Canadian Pickers, the popular History channel television show, Saturday.

“They had mentioned they’re interested in a totem pole, not many people have a 20-some foot totem pole in the ground in their backyard,” said Bensmiller.

“I also have a nice combination safe, an antique one, in the house, and one other item is a key chord guitar from about 1927 to 1930. It’s a guitar that has push buttons. It’s something for the stupid guitar player.”

Canadian Pickers, according to the History Channel website, “embark on an incredible coast-to-coast adventure rummaging through barns, basements and attics in search of the perfect pick.”

A ‘picker’ hunts for antiques and collectibles “at the source,” searching for valuable items.

People like Smithens and Cozens look to buy items at a low enough price to make a profit on resale.

Bensmiller, who has been collecting antiques for 45 years, had his name given to a consultant for the show, who then sent out a producer to take a number of photographs at his property.

Bensmiller is ready to sell.

“Everything’s got a price,” he smiled.

Canadian Pickers will film at Bensmiller’s home in Armstrong, though he is also hoping the show will make a stop in downtown Armstrong at his store.

“To make a good show, they go to homes, garages and sheds,” he said.

“If they go into a store, it’s not really scoring a big find as it’s something that everyone has seen.

“I wish they would do something at the store because it would be good for me. Mike’s General Store in Winnipeg said one of the best things that happened to it was when it was featured on the show.

“Mike got to be known more and so did all the neat stuff he had in his store.

“It’s tough in the antique world. We’re mainly selling to gray hair and no hair. It’s the baby boomers that are the best customers.”

Bensmiller said he hadn’t heard, as of Tuesday, if the show would film at the store.

Canadian Pickers is an hour-long show that generally features three people per show, meaning Bensmiller will likely get 10-to-15 minutes on a show.

The show from Bensmiller’s home will be part of the new Canadian Pickers season that begins in January 2013.