Pickleball change debated

Pickleball change debated

No changes will be made to pickleball schedules until a Coldstream neighbourhood is consulted.

Council has decided to seek input from residents within 30 metres of the Mt. Ida Drive courts after receiving a request that pickleball play there be bumped from Fridays to Saturdays to allow more people to pursue the sport.

“This (current rules) was brought about by a reaction from residents there,” said Coun. Doug Dirk of concerns about noise and traffic.

In 2014, the district initiated a schedule for pickleball at the courts. The sport is only allowed from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday to Friday.

On Monday, a request was received from 50 people who want to swap the Friday schedule with activities on Saturdays.

“Many local residents work during these (weekday) hours and are prevented from having access to the facilities they pay for through their taxes,” said Suzanne Bell, who initiated the petition.

“Not all Coldstream residents belong to a club and they play on their own time with their own equipment.”

While aware of noise and traffic concerns, Bell says other sports aren’t restricted at the Mt. Ida park.

“We’re talking about local residents for recreational play,” she said.

The issue will come before council again in a month, but at least one official supports switching days.

“If we do something different, people will complain but it’s a park and we don’t have restrictions in any other parks,” said Coun. Peter McClean, who plays pickleball.