Pickleball plan stalls

GVAC says it needs more information before it can consider a request for pickleball and tennis courts

The future of proposed pickleball courts remains uncertain.

The Greater Vernon Advisory Committee says it needs more information before it can consider a request from the Greater Vernon Pickleball Committee and the Greater Vernon Tennis Association for facilities at Marshall Field.

“They are approaching us with a legitimate demand. We need to have a comprehensive look at  it,” said Juliette Cunningham, GVAC chairperson.

Among the information being gathered is other potential uses at Marshall Field, if other locations for the courts would be suitable, who would operate the facility and the potential funding sources for the project.

The 12 pickleball courts and four tennis courts could cost up to $2.2 million.

It’s been suggested that GVAC borrow the funds for construction and the two groups cover the debt repayment, but that may trigger a referendum.

“This would have to go to the general public to get permission for borrowing,” said director Jim Garlick.

Director Mike Macnabb also wants to investigate the possibility of no taxpayers’ dollars being used.

“Look at a group where they fully fund their project,” he said.

“They have private (pickleball) clubs in the U.S. not supported by public funds.”