Pile driver submerged in lake

Pile driver submerged in lake

It’s not known what caused a vessel to sink in Okanagan Lake.

Emergency responders received a report of a submerged pile driver at the Vernon Yacht Club Sunday at 4:05 p.m.

“There’s no indication as to what caused it to turn over,” said Dave Lind, Vernon fire chief.

The vessel is about 200 feet off shore and was still in the water Monday morning.

“The Coast Guard and the RCMP were notified and the case is with them,” said Lind.

“I don’t believe anyone was injured.”

The slund of the vessel tipping over caught the attention of Stuart Parker and Marc Reinarz, who were at the North Okanagan Sailing club in Paddlewheel Park.

“We retrieved as many hazardous material containers floating around as we could,” said Reinarz.

It’s anticipated that the pile driver will be lifted out of the water Tuesday.


Pile driver submerged in lake