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PODCAST: Award winning authors Susan Musgrave and Sam Wiebe talk about their latest books

MADE IN B.C. BOOK CLUB: ‘Exculpatory Lilies’ and ‘Sunset and Jericho’

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On this edition of ‘Today in BC’, host Peter McCully chats with two authors, Susan Musgrave of Haida Gwaii and Sam Wiebe of New Westminster, on the third edition of the ‘Made in BC Book Club’.

In the first segment of ‘Today in BC’, Susan Musgrave talks about two books.

The first a book of poems entitled ‘Exculpatory Lilies’ was dedicated for her late daughter and husband and has been selected for the shortlist for the prestigious 2023 Griffin Poetry Prize.

Musgrave also worked with Chef Lisa Ahier on her book of stories and recipes from Tofino’s SoBo Restaurant.

‘You can find great recipes online now for anything. So, I think the stories and cookbooks are what interests people and they like to make the food, but they like knowing the story behind something. It’s a combination of the Southern influence on her cooking and the way she includes all the people who work for her. And she has profiles about that, or people who are friends but who bring her ingredients,’ says Musgrave.

Sam Wiebe is the author of ‘Sunset and Jericho’. Set in Vancouver it is the latest installment of what’s been described as “Terminal City’s grittiest, most intelligent, most sensitively observed contemporary detective series”.

Wiebe told McCully, ‘Vancouver has been a really important part of the Wakeland series since the beginning. I chose it because it’s the city that I know the best. It’s where I grew up and I think that its history really lends itself to the detective crime fiction genre. we have this beautiful picture, postcards, image, a very cutting edge, progressive city. And then there’s this darker side. I think that putting those sides in conversation is just really good for the kind of books that I write.’

For his book, ‘Hell and Gone’, Sam Wiebe received a silver medal from the Independent Publisher Book Awards.

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