Police search seizes meth and morphine

Incident occurred the 4200 block of Alexis Park Drive March 4

Good police work in early March will result in a May court date for a Vernon man.

An officer working on an unrelated call in the 4200 block of Alexis Park Drive shortly before midnight on March 4 noticed a white Honda Civic pull into the same parking lot the officer was in.

The officer ran the licence plate as it drove by, and noticed there was an entry on file of the vehicle being impounded in the past as the driver was prohibited.

The owner of the car is a middle-aged man, but the driver in this case appeared to be quite a bit younger than the registered owner.

“The officer asked the driver to stop as he was about to enter one of the townhouses,” said RCMP spokesperson Gord Molendyk.

“The man stopped briefly. When the officer asked to see his driver’s licence, the man then ran into the home. The officer followed and placed the suspect under arrest.”

Back at the police vehicle, said Molendyk, the suspect became uncooperative with the officer.

“While conducting his investigation, 14 grams of heroin, 18 grams of meth and six grams of morphine were seized from the suspect,” said Molendyk.

On top of that, the officer was able to determine that the 31-year-old Vernon resident was prohibited from driving. This suspect has had seven driving prohibitions and numerous other infractions in relation to his driving habits.

The vehicle was impounded for seven days.

The suspect is expected to appear in court on May 29 to answer to the charges of possession of a controlled substance, driving while prohibited and resisting arrest.