Politicians experiencing pressure

Need for referendum discussions prompt GVAC to rethink once-a-month meeting schedule

With multiple issues on the table, politicians are  feeling somewhat under the gun.

The Greater Vernon Advisory Committee will consider its current meeting schedule and determine if another model is required to accommodate discussions over referendums, parks, water and culture.

“We may adjust things to deal with what’s before us now,” said director Bob Fleming.

Presently, committee members meet on the first Thursday of the month from 8 to 10:30 a.m.

“We have a lot of issues on the table and what’s happened is it comes to a meeting and we’re presented with background information that we have to deal with in a short time,” said director Doug Dirk.

“We need to be able to meet together, have discussions to flush it out and give staff direction.”

Dirk suggests that separate meetings may be needed for the various topics instead of lumping them into one session.

“If we can establish a process where things can be discussed, it will run more efficient,” he said.

Chairperson Mike Macnabb admits the current schedule creates challenges.

“We are hampered by time limitations because of other meetings on the same day,” he said, adding that can lead to delegations’ presentations being rushed.

“For the public, I don’t want to short-change them.”

One topic of particular concern is the April referendum on borrowing $8.5 million for a sports complex.

“It alone needs a lot of discussion before we can carry it forward,” said Fleming.

“We need to find something we think is viable.”