Pool room costs swell

More funds needed for upgrades to Vernon Recreation Complex staff aquatic room

More cash is needed for upgrades to the Vernon Recreation Complex.

On Wednesday, the Regional District of North Okanagan board agreed to provide $86,000 for the aquatic staff room because the cost has climbed from $213,762 to $300,000.

“It’s a significant cost overrun,” said David Sewell, general manager of finance.

The situation arose when the low bid for the work came in well above the projected budget.

“The project has some higher costs because of its location in the building,” said Doug Ross, recreation services manager, in a memo.

“The staff room will be built in the southwest corner of the aquatic centre and tying it to the electrical, mechanical and sanitary systems will be more challenging than originally thought. The stairs to the mezzanine level and the insulation are also pushing the cost up.”

The increased cost has caught some politicians off guard.

“This was the biggest item we had in the budget and it’s still not enough,” said director Patrick Nicol.

Keeping with aquatic matters, the RDNO board has decided that future Canada Day afternoon swims at the Lumby pool will be free.

“We are having a difficulty attracting new people to recreational activities and this is a prime way to draw new people,” said director Ruick Fairbairn.

It has also been decided that the B.C. Day swim will be offered at the loonie/toonie swim rate.