Promotion rejected

A potential economic development initiative has been shelved in Coldstream

A potential economic development initiative has been shelved in Coldstream.

A majority of council has voted not to participate in Discover Canada’s Communities of Distinction TV program.

“It was not felt there would be any direct benefit to the district,” said Coun. Peter McClean.

“The proposal didn’t carry enough weight.”

Communities of Distinction is a television program that identifies areas that are considered ideal to raise a family, run a business, retire to or visit. It is hosted by former NFL quarterback Terry Bradshaw.

“They are currently embarking on a Discovery Canada series that will focus on communities that are great places to live, work and play,” said Trevor Seibel, chief administrative officer, in a memo to council.

The program will produce a five-minute video that highlights a community and five-minute segments will be pieced together to form a 30-minute show.

The show will be shown 20 times in Canada and the U.S.

To participate, Coldstream would have to pay a scheduling fee of $19,800 U.S.

“In return for this investment, we would keep the licensing rights to our five-minute clip in perpetuity,” said Seibel.

Support for considering the proposal came from Councillors Pat Cochrane and Maria Besso.

“It was worth pursuing further and we weren’t committing any funds at this time,” said Cochrane.

“It could have creative positive publicity for the area,” added Besso.


Coun. Doug Dirk was absent from the meeting.