Public urged to speak up on Lumby sewer survey

Lumby residents are being urged to delve into the community’s business.

Lumby residents are being urged to delve into the community’s business.

To date, there has been very little public interest in a survey on the village’s liquid waste management review and sewer treatment.

“We are asking people to provide input on what they would like to see happen,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

“If we don’t get community input, decisions will be made by a very small group on a committee. I would hate to see people riled up after the fact because they didn’t take the opportunity to get involved.”

The survey has been mailed out with utility bills and it’s available at

“It’s a quick survey. It only takes about two minutes to fill out,” said Acton.

Municipalities are legislated by the provincial government to update their liquid waste management plans every few years.

As part of the process, options for the current treatment system will be considered.

“It’s serving its purpose but it won’t forever,” said  Acton.

“It’s old technology and relies on only one pump. The outfall is short and people don’t like some discharge into the creek.”

According to Acton, it’s imperative that residents get involved in the review process because they face financial implications long-term.

“Depending on what people want to see done, there will be a dollar value involved,” he said.

“It could cost into the millions of dollars.”

Village council hopes to make decisions on the liquid waste management plan by the end of February.