Queen Silver Star program continues

Vernon Winter Carnival Society happy to announce there will be eight candidates in excellence program

  • Jun. 16, 2014 10:00 a.m.

The Vernon Winter Carnival Society is pleased to announce the Queen Silver Star Excellence Program will be proclaiming Queen Silver Star 55 in February 2015 at the Carnival of Rock & Roll. There will be eight young ladies entering their candidacy beginning in September.

The Queens Committee and the Vernon Winter Carnival will be working closely together to ensure this traditional program continues to move forward.

“There will be some program adjustments to work out, but the young ladies in the program will benefit from the high professional standards of this personal development program,” said Winter Carnival Chairman Calvin Hoy.

We thank the community for their support and suggestions for the program and for seeing that the program is very beneficial for young women and provides a great opportunity for them.

Queen Silver Star 55 will be announced at Proclamation on Thursday Feb. 5, 2015 as kick off to the 55th Vernon Winter Carnival – Carnival of Rock & Roll.