A City of Vernon bylaw officer tapes off the entrance to Polson Park Tuesday morning.

A City of Vernon bylaw officer tapes off the entrance to Polson Park Tuesday morning.

Railway flares cause brief Polson Park closure

Told a man was trying to sell dynamite, Vernon RCMP took the precautionary measure of evacuating and closing Polson Park Tuesday...

Vernon RCMP, with help from City of Vernon bylaws officers, defused a possible explosive situation in Polson Park Tuesday.

Officers cordoned off and evacuated the park just after 9 a.m. after receiving a report of a man trying to sell what was believed to be dynamite in the park.

The individual was located by police and taken into custody, and a Vancouver-based RCMP bomb disposal unit had been called to be flown up to investigate.

“A package with something in it was located in the park,” said Vernon RCMP spokesperson Gord Molendyk at a 10 a.m. media conference Tuesday.

By the end of the conference, police had determined that their suspicions of the package containing railway flares was correct, and the bomb disposal unit was told to stand down.

“The individual claims he found the package alongside the tracks,” said Molendyk.

The man, 18, from Vernon, was still in custody as of noon Tuesday.

The park reopened to the public shortly after 10 a.m.

Closing the park was done as a precautionary measure while police investigated the report of dynamite.

The Okanagan Science Centre was in the process of receiving its new water exhibit Tuesday morning from two huge semi trucks when everybody was told they had to leave the park.

“All they said was they were investigating a bomb threat,” said Sandi Dixon with the science centre.

The Vernon Community Arts Centre was also evacuated.