Rain in forecast causes Shuswap River concerns

Heavy rain means officials expect Shuswap River and Mara Lake to rise...

Updated Friday, June 15, 4:40 p.m.:

The Emergency Operations Center for the Regional District of the North Okanagan has just received the updated reports from Environment Canada and the River Forecast Centre.

The forecast is for rain, heavy at times with estimates of 20 mm in the Vernon area increasing as it moves north with up to 50 millimeters in the Malakwa region. The Shuswap River remains a concern and expectations are for continuous rise in levels from Mabel Lake right through to Mara Lake. The rise could be significant enough to cause flooding in this area, and especially around the mouth of the river near Mara Lake.

The Emergency Operations Center is advising the property owners in low lying areas prone to flooding to move your livestock to higher ground. If you are in an area that has flooded before sandbag your property and continue to monitor it closely and be prepared to evacuate in short notice.

Officials from the Regional Districts as well as Emergency personnel will be monitoring river levels closely over the weekend and will contact media outlets to keep everyone informed of any changes.

For updates over the weekend please continue to go to the Regional District of the North Okanagan’s web site at (www.rdno.ca) and listen to your local radio and TV stations.