Ranch proposal before the ALC

A proposal to subdivide some Coldstream ranch lands is being forwarded to the ALC

A proposal to subdivide some Coldstream ranchlands is being forwarded to the Agricultural Land Commission.

But proponents insist that it is just a housekeeping matter.

“There’s been industrial activity in that quadrant and it’s solidifying some industrial-type activity,” said Ted Osborn, with the Coldstream Ranch.

The proposal relates to property on Ricardo Road, next to and near Highway 6, for non-farm use and subdivision.

There are two lots in the proposal (one is 1.75 hectares and lot two is 2.9 hectares), which are already being used for industrial purposes.

“It was zoned industrial but still sat in the ALR,” said Mayor Jim Garlick.

In fact, prior to the ALC’s existence, lot one was used for industrial purposes, and is currently used by Burnco. With the exception of some gardening on lot two, both lots have never been farmed.

“There’s a long standing recognition of the intent for that land,” said Mike Reiley, director of development services.

But one politician remains opposed to the proposal, specifically for the larger lot.

“That seems to me to be working against the principles of trying to retain agricultural land,” said Coun. Richard Enns.

Osborn says there is a greater need than agriculture for the land.

“In the North Okanagan we are short of industrial space,” said Osborn, adding that the property doesn’t seem to have much future for agriculture.

“It seems to fit in, in the community development, in Coldstream.”

Coun. Doug Dirk suggests the ranch could beautify the area.

“Maybe aesthetically some trees planted along the road would be more of a benefit.”

That recommendation is being made to the ALC if it approves the ranch application.