RCMP warn about boat wakes

Fines will be issued to boaters creating wake that damages property

  • Jun. 26, 2012 1:00 p.m.


With the unusual high water levels we have been experiencing over the past three weeks in the North Okanagan, the RCMP, Conservation, and emergency officials are telling boaters that it is an offence if your boat wake causes damage to property along the shore line.

Offences are:



Operating power-driven vessel at a speed over 10 km/h

within 30 m of shore in specified waters      2(7) $230

Operating vessel in an unsafe manner        15(1) $575

Operating vessel in a manner that interferes with an event

or activity    15(2) $288

“We are asking you to be a responsible boat and watercraft owner and operator,” said Gord Molendyk, RCMP spokesperson. “People are doing everything they can to protect their properties from water damage due to the extremely high water levels. The wake from your boats or personal water craft can displace the water levels as much as two feet, this will damage all efforts home owners have been working on to save their properties.”

The public is advised that Conservation Services and the RCMP will be on the waters this weekend and will be enforcing boating infractions they encounter.