(Courtesy of SilverStar Resort)

(Courtesy of SilverStar Resort)

RDNO approves second step in allowing Silver Star Marketing Task Force to move forward to petition process

Regional District gives approval to Silver Star Resort Association bylaw and maps

The Silver Star Marketing Task Force is expected to undertake a petition process to determine whether there is community support to establish a resort association at Silver Star Mountain.

After a lengthy discussion during their meeting last week, the RDNO board of directors approved the Silver Star Resort Association bylaw and maps, which Chair Bob Fleming said, is the second step in allowing the group to move forward to a petition process, and subsequently concludes the role of the RDNO board.

The task force is looking to establish a resort association at Silver Star which, if approved by a majority of property owners, RDNO and the provincial government, would create a tax for marketing Silver Star. For the association to form, support would be needed from 50 per cent plus one of the property owners representing 50 per cent of the assessed value.

The concept of a resort association, has previously been blasted by some in the Silver Star community, who have voiced concerns that the resort association would place a restriction (tax) on title on land.

Anecdotally, BX-Silver Star director, Mike Macnabb, said B.C. resorts including Sun Peaks and Whistler have resort associations and he feels the creation of an association in the mountain community would keep Silver Star in line with several other mountain communities.

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