RDNO under pressure over flooding

RDNO under pressure over flooding

Lumby wants regional district to manage water reservoirs

The Regional District of North Okanagan is being reminded that it may play a role in flooding,

Kevin Acton, Lumby director, told his board colleagues Wednesday that there’s still a concern that RDNO’s management of Duteau Creek reservoirs is leading to high water in his community.

“The creek doesn’t stop and start in Lumby. Area D (rural Lumby) also has issues with flooding,” he said.

“We’re counting on the regional district to keep us on its radar when moving ahead with its plans.”

Lumby was hit hard by flooding in 2013, and since then the village has insisted that RDNO didn’t do enough to handle excessive snowmelt spilling out of the reservoirs on the Aberdeen Plateau.

“Lumby has three creeks in one area and when the runoff and rain comes, it can overwhelm Lumby,” said Acton.

“Having some space in the reservoirs (to handle runoff) would help. Management still needs to be considered.

RDNO officials have previously stated they can’t let water out of the reservoirs early to make room because, depending on weather conditions over subsequent few months, that water may be needed for domestic supply in Greater Vernon.

Snowmelt spilling over the reservoirs and into the creeks is a natural process.

“We’re not actually increasing or decreasing the flow,” said Dale McTaggart, general manager of engineering, in a 2013 interview.

There has been some suggestion of possibly increasing the height of the Aberdeen Lake reservoir to expand water supply.

On Wednesday, the provincial government announced $150,000 for flood and hazard mapping so Lumby can better plan for future flooding.