Recycling pickup changes hands

North Okanagan residents will continue to recycle, but the structure is evolving

North Okanagan residents will continue to recycle, but the structure is evolving.

As of May 19, the Regional District of North Okanagan will no longer be responsible for curbside recycling. Instead, it will be turned over to Multi Material B.C., an organization involving the packaging industry and mandated by the government.

“There should no tangible change for single-family residences but there could be a change for multi-families,” said Dale Danallanko, RDNO’s recycling and disposal facilities operations manager.

It’s believed that instead of clear bags, MMBC will want recyclables placed in boxes or carts.

The biggest question is what role RDNO will play, if any, and if MMBC will want a collection and processing facility at the Greater Vernon landfill.

“There are still a lot of unknowns. As contracts are awarded, we hope things will become more clear,” said Danallanko.

The loss of curbside recycling will mean an 8.7 per cent reduction in RDNO’s operating expenditures.

While the provincial government has mandated the new recycling strategy, director Mike Macnabb isn’t convinced it will be effective and there may be a need for RDNO to resume its activities.

“We should have a plan if MMBC blows up,” he said.

Separate from MMBC, the regional district will maintain recycling drop-off centres at local landfills as well as some commercial businesses.