Resident fails to spark support

The Electoral Area Advisory Committee won't support a bid bid to have electricity extended to the Cosens Bay area

Politicians aren’t rallying behind calls for a North Okanagan community to receive electricity.

The Electoral Area Advisory Committee has decided not to provide resident Alice Klim with a letter of support in her bid to have electricity extended to the Cosens Bay area south of Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park.

“We felt it (letter) is not necessary and we don’t have a role in the matter,” said Bob Fleming, EAAC chairperson and director for Cosens Bay.

Fleming says the provision of electricity is something residents can arrange directly with B.C. Hydro.

During a recent submission to EAAC, Klim stated that electricity is needed so there is better management of grey water and sewage disposal.

“We want to work with RDNO to ensure these properties are developed in a responsible way to ensure the quality of the lake is maintained and property values are preserved,” she said.

However, some RDNO officials are concerned the addition of electricity may lead to more development and permanent residents when they believe Cosens Bay is only supposed to be for seasonal cabins.

On the future of the community, Fleming says a project will likely proceed to consider the long-term planning needs there.

“We want information from the property owners and to get feedback on issues such as how many favour a zoning change from seasonal to permanent residences,” he said.