Roundabout proposed at Kalamalka and Kidston

The prospect of a roundabout in Coldstream is driving concerns among several politicians.

The prospect of a roundabout in Coldstream is driving concerns among several politicians.

The district is applying for a grant to offset the cost of detailed designs for a roundabout at Kidston and Kalamalka roads.

But before any designs are drawn up, some councillors suggest more discussion and investigation into the idea is necessary.

“I have concerns,” said Coun. Peter McClean. “The roundabouts I see pop up in town (Vernon) I think are somewhat questionable.”

McClean says more investigation is needed to determine if a roundabout is the best option at the intersection, or perhaps a three-way stop or set of lights would be a better fit, if anything.

The intersection has been identified as a future project due to congestion, particularly between the hours of 7:30 and 8:30 a.m. on school days.

A roundabout has been identified as the best solution, over a traffic light or three-way stop.

“Twenty-three hours out of 24, drivers would find those stop signs a nuisance,” said Michael Stamhuis, Coldstream’s chief administrative officer.

While staff have identified the roundabout as the most logical project under the grant application, not all politicians are in favour of it.

“This is not actually a project that was supported by all of council,” said Coun. Maria Besso.

Coun. Gyula Kiss adds: “It’s good to investigate but I’m not sold on a roundabout.”

Coun. Richard Enns supports the project as a way of addressing Coldstream Creek crossing concerns.

The district is applying for funding for a detailed design under the Infrastructure Planning Grant Program. Councillors Besso and McClean opposed the grant application.

“Just because there’s funding out there doesn’t mean we should spend it,” said McClean.

Preliminary designs have already been completed and the detailed design would cost $26,000.