Lisa VanderVelde/Morning Star Former Queen Silver Star Emily Pfannschmidt passes her crown on to Cheyenne Krog

Lisa VanderVelde/Morning Star Former Queen Silver Star Emily Pfannschmidt passes her crown on to Cheyenne Krog

Royal kickoff to Vernon Winter Carnival

Vernon’s new royalty greeted the cold morning with warm smiles

Vernon’s new royalty greeted the cold morning with warm smiles.

Queen Silver Star LIV (54th) Cheyenne Krog, Princess Silver Star Paige Webster, Princess Silver Star Simmy Sidhu and Miss Congeniality Cassia Swartz admitted that Friday they hadn’t slept much after the excitement of proclamation and coronation at the Performing Arts Centre Thursday evening.

“At first I just didn’t believe it when I heard my sponsor’s (Durning Directions) name called and my name called. I think it really only hit me this morning,” said Krog. In spite of the excitement, she and her attendants were wearing their tiaras with grace and style for an early-morning interview.

“Last night was completely surreal. When they called my name, I was so honoured,” said Sidhu, whose sponsor is MHC Mortgage House.

Webster, sponsored by White House Mortgages, added, “It was so special for all of us. I’m so excited and happy.”

Cassia Swartz, sponsored by the Armstrong Kin Club, was named Miss Congeniality.

“I was very happy,” she said.

All of the new royalty received fresh-water pearl necklaces from Cotton’s Chocolates, while retiring royalty, Queen Emily Pfannschmidt and Princess Antonya Crosby, received fresh-water pearl bracelets.

“I can see myself wearing these so many ways for a long time as a wonderful souvenir,” said Sidhu.

Webster said, “These pearls will be a very sentimental souvenir for us.”

The young women spent the morning at the Prestige Inn opening their gift baskets from local merchants, then had fittings for their formal gowns  with Sarah Deederly, a past Queen Silver Star Excellence Program participants who is helping with the dresses.

“This tradition is all very much a community project,” said Queen’s Committee member Kelsie Von Holst,  who was Queen Silver Star XLIX.

The rest of Friday included meeting visiting royalty at the Okanagan Science Centre, lunch with representatives from Vernon’s sister city Modesto, California.

The royal hair was done by Noir Salon in the afternoon and then it was off to do the count-down for Balloon Glow in Polson Park. The evening was spent at a dinner and dance at the Schubert Centre. A tradition at this dance is for everyone to get on the floor to the song Saturday Night. They also dropped in on the Snowflake Ball, a Carnival tradition being revived by Lorna Robb.

The new royalty thought back on the experience of being in the program.

“We gained so much confidence and got to know each other. It was great,” said Krog.

“I had never changed a tire before in my life. That’s a useful skill,” said Webster. “And I learned ballroom dancing. I taught my father and my brother how to ballroom dance.”

“I loved everything about the program. It exceeded my expectations,” said Sidhu.

Swartz said, “I now know how to do a waterfall braid.”

Von Holst smiled at them, perhaps remembering her own reign. “We’re very proud of all the candidates and their achievements. They all did a wonderful job. We’re very happy with our new team and we’re looking forward to getting to know these ladies. They help promote the community and bring it together all year.”

She is looking forward to having the new royalty meet the clients at Kindale where she works. “They look forward to the party and a dance and photos. It’s a highlight of the year.”

Coleen Noel, chair of the Queen’s Committee, will be bringing royalty to Polson Special where she works. “People really enjoy seeing them. It’s a bright spot.”

Queen Silver Star and her attendants will be at as many Carnival events as they can. Then they’ll catch up on their homework and get ready for traveling to events around the province to represent the North Okanagan later in the year.

An syone can request to have royalty attend their Carnival or other community event and they will be there if at all possible. For more information call the Winter Carnival office at 250-545-2236 or see