Portions of Trinity Valley Road

Portions of Trinity Valley Road

Rural Lumby road breaking away

There are calls for immediate action as a portion of Trinity Valley Road sinks.

There are calls for immediate action as a portion of a rural Lumby road sinks.

Resident Ron Gammel is increasingly concerned that Trinity Valley Road, near the landfill, is being undermined as a portion of the road slips away.

“There is no shoulder left and it’s straight down (250 feet),” he said.

“This is dangerous. The blacktop has dropped eight inches in some places.”

Gammel is concerned the uneven pavement could negatively impact driving conditions or the road could give way.

“I’m afraid somebody is going to be killed,” he said.

Rick Fairbairn, Regional District of North Okanagan director, lives next to that section of road and is aware of the situation.

“When two logging trucks come down Trinity Valley Road at the same time, there may not be enough room for them to pass each other,” he said.

Warning markers have been installed but Fairbairn wants more done.

“I’ve notified the Ministry of Transportation and brought it to their attention,” he said.

“Hopefully if it deteriorates, they will be in a position to make it right.”

Fairbairn admits that beyond Trinity Valley Road, a number of roads in rural parts of the North Okanagan have been impacted by snow melt and other factors.

“We have a lot of these conditions out there.”

The Ministry of Transportation says it’s aware of the recent issue with the shoulder on Trinity Valley Road.

“We have completed a geotechnical assessment of the area and repairs are scheduled to be completed this spring,” states the ministry.

“We will continue to monitor the condition of Trinity Valley Road and schedule repairs and rehabilitation work as conditions warrant.”