Rural road conditions drive UBCM agenda

The electoral area directors want to meet with Transportation Minister Todd Stone

Rural residents are fed up with the condition of their roads.

The directors for the five electoral areas in the Regional District of North Okanagan want to meet with Transportation Minister Todd Stone at September’s Union of B.C. Municipalities convention.

“There are no lines on the rural roads and when they do lines, they are gone,” said Bob Fleming, Electoral Area Advisory Committee chairperson.

There are also issues with potholes and weeds growing out of control and infringing on the shoulders and roads.

“The weeds are four feet high and people driving by and it’s whack, whack, whack,” said Fleming.

“Most complaints I get are about road maintenance.”

In the rural areas, the Ministry of Transportation is responsible for roads.

Economic development reviewed

The Regional District of North Okanagan’s rural areas are seeing what they can do to bolster the economy.

Members of the Electoral Area Advisory Committee will meet to discuss the regional employment lands action plan, which identifies areas for potential industrial development.

“There are some worthy goals and they are actionable,” said Bob Fleming, EAAC chairperson.

“The problem areas are on unserviced land. If there isn’t sewer, there isn’t a lot of action.”

However, Cherryville director Hank Cameron disagrees that sewer is needed for future growth.

“We are developing and creating jobs without sewer,” he said of activities at the Gold Panner Campground and Keefer Lake.