Salmon River continues to pose a risk

Falkland residents continue to cast an eye towards the swollen banks of the Salmon River.

A flood watch remains in place for areas adjacent to the river.

“It came up about six inches last night but no houses are in danger yet,” said Rene Talbot, Columbia-Shuswap Regional District director, Tuesday.

“Some of the farmers’ fields around Cedar Hill have water in them.”

Talbot said sandbags are in plentiful supply if residents need to protect their homes.

Measurements from the Water of Survey of Canada show flows along the Salmon River at a two-year level.

Temperatures are expected to remain warm, and that could lead to river levels rising modestly or remain elevated today.

“It all depends on how much rain there is  and how warm it gets,” said Talbot.

“We just have to wait and see what happens.”

The Shuswap Emergency Program is reminding Falkland residents to be prepared for possible flooding.

“Take the time now to develop a plan with your family and have an emergency kit prepared,” said Bev Minaker, with the program.

“If your property is prone to flooding, continually monitor the weather and river forecast updates and take measures to protect your property.”

For information on the flood watch, go to

The website also has information on flood proofing your home and flood fighting methods.

Residents can also access details by calling 250-833-3350 between 8 a.m. and 4 p.m.