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Curtis Wilson’s family is returning to Vernon to resume the search for their missing son/brother/uncle/friend

Four weeks after his friends body was found in Kalamalka Lake

Four weeks after his friends body was found in Kalamalka Lake

Curtis Wilson’s family is returning to Vernon to resume the search for their missing son/brother/uncle/friend.

Curtis has yet to be found since his friend Shane Letkeman’s body was discovered in Kalamalka Lake, near Cosens Bay, three weeks ago.

Curtis’ car was found at the end of Cosens Bay Road, past the cabin colony at the gate which blocks the road down to the lake. It is unknown what the friends were doing in the area, as they are from Lethbridge, Alta., but Curtis did live in Vernon for a short period about seven years ago with his family (who now reside in Grande Prairie.

Police believe Curtis’ body is in the water. Land and water searches took place but have since ceased, therefore the family is making efforts to find him, and some closure.

Curtis’ older sister, Shanna Wilson, still wakes up each morning praying it’s all been a bad dream. And living 10 hours away, she feels almost helpless.

“Right now I am just very focused on finding him,” said Shanna, who just wants closure for her and her family.

They are coming to Vernon next weekend and have a search party planned and also have plans to bring a volunteer water search company in sometime in the next few weeks.

“While I’m waiting for the water search begin I want to do what I can,” said Shanna of the land search. “I actually had a girl that I don’t even know say that she’d help and get together a bunch of her friends,” said Shanna, who decided to make an event of it and hopes to get as many people out as possible.

Since Search and Rescue crews have already scoured the area where Letkeman’s body was found, Shanna is focusing efforts elsewhere in the Cosens Bay beach area.

Plans are to meet at the parking lot in the morning with the search taking place Saturday and possibly Sunday.

So far, the Wilson’s have been showered with support from the local community, and are grateful for it all.

“People offering their homes for us to stay, people offering to dive that have their licenses, hiking companies…”

She hopes that the water search company will be able to make it to Vernon in the next two or three weeks.

“They’re strictly volunteer so they have to co-ordinate everyone,” said Shanna, adding that they have a sidescan sonar which can go to greater lengths than the RCMP could perform.

Originally, Shanna was trying to hire an Idaho firm to perform the search.

“They are still a possibility but he is just really busy on the search they are on right now and they have to go home first before they can come out (here).”

A GoFundMe account has also been established to raise money to find Curtis, and has collected more than $2,800 so far. Those funds were originally slated for the Idaho firm, but Shanna says the funds will still go towards those who help find her brother.

“Every dollar is going to be spent on Curtis’ search, even if that is donating it to the volunteer group, who rely on donations.”

The land search event is listed at