Sentencing delayed for Oliver man charged with threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend

Dean Roger Vanbocquestal threatened to burn down the home where his ex-girlfriend was

An Oliver man charged with threats and assault will hear his sentence on April 22 after another delay.

On April 5, defence counsel requested an adjournment of two weeks for Dean Roger Vanbocquestal in Penticton’s law courts to arrange his affairs before any possible jail sentence.

Vanbocquestal had earlier pleaded guilty to multiple charges including assault with a weapon, uttering threats and possessing a weapon obtained through an offence.

The charges stem from an incident in 2020 where Vanbocquestal threatened to burn down the residence where his ex-girlfriend was staying, after sending threatening texts and stealing a friend’s rifle earlier that evening.

According to Vanbocquestal’s lawyer, a reason for the adjournment is due to the storage facility that Vanbocquestal had been working with to store his belongings required payment six months in advance. The amount of prepayment came as a surprise and is too much for Vanbocquestal to come up with, and as a result he had begun to look for alternative storage facilities, said his lawyer.

A previous delay in sentencing was made on March 16, by the judge to deliberate on his decision as well as to give Vanbocquestal some time to make arrangements.

It was stated in court that Vanbocquestal does not have a vehicle and was reliant on friends for the logistics.

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The judge granted the adjournment to give Vanbocquestal more time, with an appointment scheduled on April 7 to arrange for a future sentencing date.

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