Sewage agreement piped in

On Monday, Coldstream council adopted an inter municipal sewage service bylaw.

Effluent will keep flowing in Coldstream.

On Monday, district council adopted an intermunicipal sewage service bylaw.

“It is a good agreement for Coldstream,” said Coun. Pat Cochrane

The agreement is between Coldstream and the City of Vernon, which owns and operates the sewage treatment facility.

“Access to the treatment plant in Vernon meets our needs for well into the future,” said Cochrane.

The new bylaw replaces a 1994 agreement and the process for a new agreement between the two municipalities began in 2010.

“We did not have any other options,” said Coun. Gyula Kiss of the new bylaw.

“At one time we were looking into developing our own sewage treatment facility. It did not pan out and we still need to have our residents’ sewage treated.”

Girl Guides get a break

The Girl Guides won’t pay full price for use of the Coldstream Women’s Institute Hall.

District council has decided to charge the Guides $300 to use the hall in 2015. The same fee was charged in 2014.

“They are a very worthy group run entirely by volunteers,” said Maria Besso, outgoing councillor.

The regular hourly rental rate for a registered non-profit society is $25 per hour.

When asked about the subsidized rental rate, Besso said, “I believe it (Guides) is something the community supports.”

The Guides have been using the hall for at least 15 years as a meeting place for units.

“We are a 100 per cent volunteer organization and every dollar we have is spent on the girls in one form or another,” said the Guides in a letter to council. “It (hall) has seen many a cookie baking night and lots of laughter over the years and we would love to continue to create memories for the girls there.”