Sign destroyed by vehicle

Sign destroyed by vehicle

An Oliver landmark was destroyed by a vehicle fleeing police.

Ironically an Oliver landmark mowed down by a vehicle on Tuesday was to be removed anyway.

South Okanagan Regional District Parks Manager Carol Sheridan said she is able to smile even though the Lions Park sign was destroyed.

“Oddly I had been at a meeting Tuesday night with the Lions Club and we discussed removing the sign and putting up a new one with their logo sometime in the coming months,” she said.

About an hour after the meeting Sheridan was alerted to a vehicle that had swerved off of Highway 97 as a driver tried to evade police. The vehicle left the highway, rolled down a ditch and smashed into the sign, knocking it from the ground.

“The people in the car I guess tried to get out and run, but police caught them,” said Sheridan.

The sign and the car were left as is for police to investigate.

Now work is underway to build a new sign as soon as possible that will sport the Lions Club logo.

“We hope to have it up by June 24 for our Saint-Jean-Baptiste Day celebration in the park, but if not then at least for the summer season as tourists arrive.”

The driver and passengers of the vehicle were arrested by the RCMP.