Sign removal a ‘dangerous situation’

Sudden removal of stop signs by the Ministry of Transportation creates dangerous situation at Oyama intersection, says one local politician

A sudden removal of stop signs by the Ministry of Transportation has created a dangerous situation at a Oyama intersection, says one local politician,

Since the new highway was opened, there was a four-way stop at the intersection of Pelmewash Parkway, Irvine Road and Oyama Road.

“Then without any warning or installation of ‘Notice of Signal Change’ it was converted to Pelmewash being a through road and only Irvine and Oyama Rd having to stop,” said Lake Country Coun. Owen Dickie.

“We are working to correct the dangerous situation.”

But according to the Ministry of Transportation and Infrastructure, the change was made in consultation with the District of Lake Country.

“A four-way stop was not warranted at this intersection anymore, as traffic volumes have decreased significantly along the old highway since the ministry opened the new Highway 97 alignment last summer,” the ministry told The Morning Star.

“Therefore, to increase mobility and safety along the Pelmewash Parkway, this intersection has been changed to a two-way stop.”

The district has requested that the intersection be converted back to a four-way stop as soon as possible and Dickie says the ministry is having a traffic engineer look at it.

“This seems odd to me as they converted it to a four-way stop a year ago and the intersection had been working fine but since this change there have been numerous close calls between vehicles and vehicles and pedestrians.”

Meanwhile with the completion of the new section of Highway 97 between Winfield and Oyama, the District of Lake Country will be taking over jurisdiction of the Pelmewash Parkway in the near future.