Signage changed around schools and playgrounds in Vernon

Signs at BX and Ellison elementaries have recently changed.

Vernon motorists are being asked to pay close attention to the signs in and around local schools and playgrounds as signs at BX and Ellison elementaries have recently changed.

There is a new process in place, following national standards, to determine which roads around schools and playgrounds do and do not have posted 30-kilometre speed limits. Using this new process, the City of Vernon will review signs around all schools and playgrounds over the next two years.

“Several of the signs need to be brought in line to what was being displayed across the country,” said Amanda Watson, municipal transportation engineer.

The advisory (yellow background) 30-kilometre per hour speed limits sign will no longer be used. Roads will either have school or playground area warning signage with no speed limit changes, or school or playground zone signage that includes a regulatory (white background) reduction to 30 kilometres per hour.

“The city and the RCMP would like to remind all drivers that school zones are in effect from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. on school days and playground zones are in effect from dawn until dusk daily,” said Watson.