Skiing through history at SilverStar

Before the gondola and Comet Ski Pack, SilverStar was a different kind of ski hill

Photos courtesy of Vernon Museum and Archives and SilverStar Satellite Museum

Photos courtesy of Vernon Museum and Archives and SilverStar Satellite Museum

Before the gondola, Comet Six Pack, Powder Gulch Express and Silver Woods Express were even imagined there was a vibrant and exciting ski culture at SilverStar.

What was it like? Who started it all? Drop by The Pinnacles Suites for après ski from 2-4 p.m. on Wednesday, Dec. 18 to sip some cider, enjoy some Christmas treats and discover all the answers. Ginny Halls huge mural will transport yourself back to a view from the original day lodge in the early ‘70s.

The lobby and lounge have been transformed with a Timeline Chronology, photos and story boards. Find out more about the founding fathers, the cabin colony history and the JT Mutrie ski jump. Take a few minutes to study the timeline outlining SilverStar’s history from the days of Cornelius O’Keefe’s 1896 silver mines to the skiers of the early ‘80s.

Marvel at the replica of the sign celebrating the 1939 opening of the Scenic Highway inviting summer visitors to drive to the summit of SilverStar for the first time to enjoy the view. New descriptive plaques outline stories of the first lifts, ski school shenanigans with Willie Leitner and Gerry Goudge and tales of the original groomers and packers that began the tradition of SilverStar’s corduroy slopes.

Come share your stories, reminisce about past ski adventures, tell a few tall tales.

— Patti Lefkos is the public relations specialist for the SilverStar Museum committee