Slight tax increase for Village of Lumby

Lumby taxpayers can expect a one-and-a-half to two per cent tax hike for 2014

Lumby taxpayers can expect a one-and-a-half to two per cent tax hike for 2014.

Currently, the Village is looking at a two per cent tax hike, but that number could be trimmed up as some wish list items are removed.

The main thrust of the increase is for a capital reserve, which will go towards such items as the liquid waste management plan.

“Boring stuff but it’s the meat and potatoes of government,” said Mayor Kevin Acton.

Based on rough projections, capital works from the liquid waste management plan are expected to exceed $500,000. Therefore annual increases are needed to build up the reserve.

Water consumption charges will climb slightly, from 71 cents per m3 to 75 cents for regular consumers while large users will see a more significant rise from 37 cents to 55. The fixed base fee will also climb from $13.50 per meter to $15. The increase was originally proposed to be $16.50 but was cut back.

Sewer fees will remain unchanged for regular users but large users will see a rise from 28 cents per m3 to 30 cents. The fixed base fee will jump from $13.50 to $16.50.

The budget is assisted by the first $24,000 finance and administration fee from the Monashee Community Forest as well as a $50,000 dividend.

Some of the expenditures being looked at for 2014 include a 1.5 per cent staff salary increase, increased legal expenses (now $12,000) in the event of any flooding issues.

Tipping fees at the landfill could also rise 2.8 per cent as the tons hauled are expected to be similar to prior years, which is less than historically budgeted.

A public consultation period is expected to take place in February for the 2014 budget.