Small fire extinguished in Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park

It's believed the blaze may have been started by someone setting off a flare gun

Flares may have ignited a blaze in tinder-dry Kalamalka Lake Provincial Park.

Coldstream firefighters were alerted to a grass fire near Rattlesnake Point at 6:55 p.m. Tuesday.

“Six citizens actioned it and had it out by the time we got there,” said fire chief Dave Sturgeon of the fire, which was about one-metre by one-metre in size.

Witnesses say the fire began when a group of individuals were shooting off a flare gun. The group left the area and no suspects were identified.

Beyond alerting the fire department, residents are being urged to take another step if they observe activity that could spark a wildfire.

“If you see someone, call the RCMP right away,” said Sturgeon.

Rattlesnake Point is some distance from the parking lot and access proved challenging for firefighters.

“It’s about a two-kilometre hike in. Crews had to pack water in on their back and hand tools,” said Sturgeon.

The park is outside of Coldstream boundaries and fire suppression is under the jurisdiction of the Ministry of Forests, but district firefighters respond during the summer to ensure a park blaze doesn’t spread.

“We want to make sure it doesn’t threaten Coldstream,” said Sturgeon, who is urging residents to be cautious with ignition sources such as cigarettes.

“Even a spark from a motorbike can cause a problem.”