Small fire forces students out of Lumby school

An electric motor went on a compressor at Charles Bloom Secondary School Wednesday

It wasn’t a fire drill at a Lumby school.

Firefighters were called to Charles Bloom Secondary School at about 11:45 a.m. Wednesday when an electric motor went on a compressor for a sprinkler system.

“There was a little bit of smoke,” said Tony Clayton, Lumby fire chief.

“The alarms went off and all of the kids went outside.”

Except for the compressor, there was no damage done to the school.

Lumby firefighters were also kept busy with downed power lines Wednesday.

“Branches were coming down on wires because of the heavy snow,” said Clayton.

There were incidents on Maple and Glencaird streets in the village and on Franklyn Road in Whitevale.

“A branch was touching the wire and there was some arching,” said Clayton of the Whitevall call.

Heavy snow also lead to downed power lines on Keddleston Road in the BX and Birch Lane in Coldstream.