Smart meter opt-out urged

Enderby politicians don't want smart meters forced on residents

Enderby politicians don’t want smart meters forced on to residents.

Council voted Monday to ask B.C. Hydro to initiate an opt-out program for the contentious remote monitoring devices.

“Many communities have agreed to do that already,” said Mayor Howie Cyr.

“We want to address the concerns of many residents out there.”

Council is also asking the Interior Health Authority to conduct tests on radiation levels in the community.

B.C. Hydro has not indicated if customers will be allowed to opt out of meters. If that were to occur, customers would have to pay for traditional meter reading methods.

Citizens for Safe Technology, which has asked for a ban on the devices, claims microwave radiation exposure can create a range of health issues, while the utility will know what appliances you are using by monitoring the meter.

B.C. Hydro insists the devices do not present a health concern and do not interfere with  privacy.

The corporation still hasn’t made a presentation to council on meters.

“I’ve been told that Hydro has already been in the community installing meters and we had asked that they not be installed until we meet with them first,” said Cyr.