Soucy seeks online support

Vernon woman needs community's votes to land her in the top 10 for new online TV series, the Challenge Showdown

Vernon’s Sue Soucy is hoping to land a spot on an online television series.

Vernon’s Sue Soucy is hoping to land a spot on an online television series.

She has documented her life transformation through her website and Youtube videos.

Now, a Vernon woman is close to landing a spot on an online television series to further document her changes.

Sue Soucy is hoping to land a spot in the final 10 of the Challenge Showdown, a first-of-its-kind online television series, and the brainchild of former NBC head Ben Silverman, the creator of the show The Biggest Loser.

“I’m involved in this thing called the Body By Vi 90-Day Challenge, which is about transforming your life,” said Soucy, 41. “I had just lost 40 pounds and kept it off for about a year. Three months ago, they started the Challenge Showdown, documenting your 90-Day Challenge on video.”

Soucy said 10 people will be chosen to be featured on the Silverman series.

The final 100 hopefuls have been narrowed down, and Soucy is among them. She likes her chances of being one of the final 10 which will be chosen by an equal combination of online voting and judging from a panel.

“I’ve been pretty much in the top-five the whole way,” said Soucy. “Every time a video is put out, a leaderboard is put up with it. Six of my videos went to No. 1, and every one has been in the top-five, so I think my chances are good based on that.

“Being on this show will be huge exposure and be a really cool thing.”

Soucy’s videos, however, don’t necessarily talk about losing weight. Rather, they’re about losing everything.

She and her husband, Steve, and three kids lost every cent they had and were evicted  from their Vancouver home.

“We abandoned our careers and started an Internet business in late 2009,” said Soucy. “It was an Internet coaching program and within six months we had made six figures”

They had 80 people signed up for the $1,200 program, 45,000 followers on Twitters, hundreds of thousands of views on their Youtube videos. The Soucys had planned for their launch. They didn’t plan for anything after the program started.

“We spent months trying to figure it out. We launched the program again and when we did that, we had lost momentum,” said Soucy. “It didn’t sell. We sank every penny and every minute of our time into our business and it all fell apart.”

Nearly two years ago, Soucy phoned her step-mom, and her family moved to Vernon to live in her house. They’re still there.

“If I get on this show, it will open up a lot of doors,” said Soucy. “It has already. We totally love it in Vernon.”

To vote for Soucy and help her chance of being on the online television series, go to her website – Voting ends tonight (Friday).