Spallumcheen proposal upsets neighbours

A proposed development in Spallumcheen has adjacent neighbours up in arms.

A proposed development in Spallumcheen has adjacent neighbours up in arms.

Residents in the BX-Swan Lake and BX-Silver Star electoral areas are concerned new housing in the township’s south sub area will lead to increased traffic along their rural standard roads.

“The roads are inadequate because of the grades and the widths,” said Mike Macnabb, BX-Silver Star director.

“They are under-designed and essentially skid roads with pavement on them.”

Bob Fleming, BX-Swan Lake director, insists the roads cannot handle increased traffic load.

“They are not intended for use of the development envisioned there,” he said.

The electoral area roads that could be impacted if there are links from Spallumcheen are Greenhow, Ridgeview, Glenhayes, McLennan and Keddleston. They serve  74 homes.

Presently, Spallumcheen bylaws require all development to have direct access through township roads.

“The anticipated level of rural residential traffic anticipated within the south sub area is best supported by utilizing the existing rural road network located within the township and the adjacent regional district,” said David Cullen, a transportation engineer working for the developer.

“Allowing rural development to proceed from extensions to existing infrastructure prevents major hillside roadway construction impacts from occurring over large areas that will service a minor number of home sites.”

A challenge for the Regional District of North Okanagan is electoral area roads are the mandate of the provincial government and the Ministry of Transportation will decide if connections occur.

Fleming believes Spallumcheen and the developer must take the concerns of his constituents seriously.

“It’s back in their court. They will be asked to come up with some solutions,” he said.

Macnabb is also demanding that his residents’ interests be considered.

“I hope Spallumcheen will listen and follow its own official community plan which says access comes from within Spallumcheen,” he said.