Spallumcheen roads paved

Two Spallumcheen roads will be resurfaced while a third will also be done if more money is found.

Two Spallumcheen roads will be resurfaced while a third will also be done if more money is found.

Council unanimously approved a staff recommendation Monday for base reclamation and paving of Powerhouse Road, Salmon River Road and Mcleery Road to a maximum of $273,000 funded from general taxation.

However, Mcleery Road will only be done if grant money is found.

“We are hoping by the end of the UBCM convention next month we should know if we are successful in getting grant money,” said township administrator Lynda Shykora.

Public works manager Ed Forslund explained the three roads are failing and in need of immediate attention.

“They are based in order of priority,” said Forslund.

“To do all three, we would come up with a shortfall unless we can come up with grant money.”

Powerhouse Road would have base reclamation – the existing asphalt is dug up and packed with new materials, then resurfaced which is much cheaper than rebuilding the road – and paving done from Highway 97A to Stardel Road.

That project would cost $150,000.

Salmon River Road would have base reclamation and paving down from the north end of the new road construction to Hallam Road, which would cost an estimated $122,000.

Mcleery Road would be reclaimed and paved from Highway 97A to the top of the hill on Rashdale Road at an estimated $103,500.

The township approved funds in its 2011 budget of $391,300 for road rehabilitation, overlays and/or chip sealing.

However, there is also a possibility of a $78,000 shortfall for the Salmon River Road reconstruction project which would make the total cost of all three project estimates $453,500.

“There may not necessarily be a shortfall with Salmon River Road and there is a contingency built into that estimate,” explained Forslund.

“If nothing unforeseen happens, we may not have a shortfall.”

There is about $250,000 in grant money available that the township has applied for.

“If we have the money, I’d like to proceed with Mcleery Road,” said Forslunk.

“If not, then we’ll do just the first two.”

Mayor Will Hansma and Couns. Todd York and Christine Fraser were absent from Monday’s regular council meeting.