Spallumcheen's agriculture advisory committee makes requests

Spallumcheen’s agriculture advisory committee makes requests

Committee would like to see local farmers purchase roadside signs notifying the public of a farming operation taking place

  • Dec. 10, 2016 3:00 p.m.

Signs. Farming guidelines. A new slogan.

Spallumcheen staff has some homework to do after council voted in favour of referring recommendations from the township’s agricultural advisory committee to staff to investigate and report back.

The committee would like to see the township’s public works department create temporary roadside signs that local farmers can purchase from the township to notify the public that a farm operation is taking place.

A process should be established that requires the farmer to place a temporary sign at each direction of the road in advance of the access to the farm field being used where debris/mud is being tracked onto the roadways.

The committee also wants to create farming guidelines to advise the public and farmers that farmers would be:


  • Required to place signage advising the travelling public they’re working in the area (with future sign sales through Spallumcheen to possibly be considered);
  • Required to clean up the roadways by the end of the day;
  • Required to have proper flashing lights and beacons on trailers as required by the traffic regulations;
  • The traveling public needs to obey and respect farm vehicles and signage;
  • Farmers need to respect the travelling public.


The committee recommends the guidelines be reported/advertised during crop management season on the township’s website, in the annual tax newsletter and in the local media.

The committee wants to work with the Armstrong Spallumcheen Chamber of Commerce in putting together a farming community information pamphlet, and also wants the township to implement a new slogan for the municipality.

The slogan contest would be part of the township’s 125th birthday celebrations in 2017.

“Instead of ‘Where Farming Comes First,’ (current slogan), people can submit their proposals of no more than five words at different events,” said Coun. Ed Hanoski, council’s representative to the AAC.

“The slogan would be voted on and decided by the end of 2017.”

Staff will work on the requests and report back to council.