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Sparwood woman raises over $2K for Ukraine with special handmade blanket

Lily Bowers donated $2,210 raised through ticket sales to the Red Cross
Lily Bowers and Linda Hunter with the winning ticket for a large Ukraine flag-style quilt, homemade by Bowers. $2,210 was raised through ticket sales, which was donated to the Red Cross for their humanitarian work in Ukraine. (Scott Tibballs / The Free Press)

Lily Bowers of Sparwood has raised $2,210 to go towards the Red Cross and their work in Ukraine and Europe through ticket sales for a chance to win her home-made Ukrainian flag-style quilt.

Over a hundred people bought $5 tickets to win the quilt, which Bowers made as a way to show support for those displaced by the war.

“It far exceeded my expectations,” she said of the interest in the quilt and the funds raised. “I’m very happy.” Bowers had originally hoped to raise a few hundred dollars, but got $500 in ticket purchases the first day the quilt went up for sale in mid-March.

On Monday (Mar. 28), a winner was picked out of a bag by local Red Cross volunteer, Linda Hunter. The Red Cross is active in providing humanitarian support in Europe to refugees affected by the Russian invasion. All $2,210 raised by Bowers will go to the Red Cross.

“It will go towards helping those that are displaced,” said Hunter. “We’ve all seen how devastating it is, so it hit home for everyone.

“Anything we can do will make a huge impact,” she said.

Made up of blue and yellow fabric and a butterfly pattern (also in blue and yellow), the quilt is 64” by 80”, and entirely homemade.

The war in Ukraine how now been ongoing for over a month, and according to the United Nations almost four million people have fled the country, and around a quarter of Ukraine’s entire population has been displaced in what is the fastest-growing humanitarian crisis in Europe since the Second World War.

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