Speeding motorists drive Enderby’s concerns

City council considers traffic calming measures for Salmon Arm Drive

Enderby officials are continuing to face challenges with speeding motorists.

On Monday, resident Doug Grant asked city council to take action on Salmon Arm Drive, near M.V. Beattie Elementary School.

“He is concerned about speeding vehicles in the school zone,” said Mayor Howie Cyr.

“He has clocked vehicles going 80 kilometres an hour in the zone.”

Grant has suggested speed bumps be installed and the speed zone permanently be 30 kilometres an hour, even when school is not in session.

“Something definitely needs to be done before there is a serious accident in this area,” said Grant in a letter.

Council has instructed staff to consider all options for slowing vehicles down.

“I don’t know if speed bumps are the solution,” said Cyr.

“But we want to resolve the situation because he has a valid concern. Eighty kilometres an hour is ridiculous.”

Cyr believes more police enforcement could help.

“In a perfect world, we would have someone working radar there every morning but that’s not the reality we live in (because of limited police resources),” he said.

The city recently took steps to address speeding and improve traffic flow in other neighbourhoods near M.V. Beattie.

The intersection of Stanley Avenue and Sicamous Street has been changed from a two-way to a four-way stop.

At Regent Avenue and Sicamous Street, the two-way stop has switched to an east-west pattern from  a north-south design.

All of the adjustments tie in with a new four-way stop on Knight Street at M.V. Beattie Elementary School.