Speeding vehicles an issue in Armstrong

Armstrong council has expressed concern over the issue of speeding within their city limits.

  • Aug. 14, 2011 6:00 a.m.

Armstrong council has expressed concern over the issue of speeding within their city limits.

But both the mayor and councillors have been assured that the issue would be getting more attention.

“I think we’ll see a great increase in police cars,” said Mayor Chris Pieper.

According to Coun. Shirley Fowler, the RCMP say they’re interested in speeding issues.

“I felt quite confident that they will make a great effort,” she said.

Armstrong may not have many main roads with high speed limits, but Coun. Paul Britton cautions people to slow down if they’re on Wood or Otter Lake roads.

New doctor inn town

It wasn’t that long ago that Armstrong was facing the prospect of having no doctor at all in the small town.

Recently, a fourth doctor has come to town, but officials say he is experiencing difficulties attracting new patients.

“Apparently there’s not the need for it,” said Mayor Chris Pieper, adding that advertisements in the newspaper have not garnered much response.

Still skeptical that there are no people in Armstrong still in need of a doctor, Pieper said a lack of awareness may be a factor.

“We just need to get the word out that they are taking new clients now.”

Kraft Tour almost here

On Aug. 19, TSN will be coming to Armstrong to present the town with the $25,000 cheque  it  won from the Kraft Celebration Tour.

“We’re all pretty excited about this,” said Mayor Chris Pieper.

The planning for the day’s festivities is pretty well taken care of, but they are planning a few little surprises for the day prior.

Currently, they are trying organize all of the volunteers for the event, as well as possible  uses for the money.

The possibility of using the $25,000 to apply for other grants was discussed.

“With some luck we can double or triple the money,” said Coun. Shirley Fowler.

Smart meters still a mystery

Armstrong Mayor Chris Pieper has a meeting set up with B.C. Hydro executives to discuss the possible implementation of smart meters.

“We need to know more,” said Pieper. “The purpose of this meeting is simply to get more informed.”

There is a lot of confusion surrounding the issue said Pieper, but he plans to go into the meeting with an open mind and learn as much as possible.